Our Solution

A Scalable, Interactive Mobile Learning Solution

Driving lasting health changes for all communities by increasing access to quality, timely and appropriate healthcare

Use any mobile device

Reach your learners on any device, basic phone or smart phone, using Leap’s SMS and audio technology

Measure learning progress

Measure your learners’ progress through evaluations, quizzes and practical exercises, as well as real-time performance reports and supervision tools

Deliver any health content

Deliver any health content, tapping into our accredited content or customizing your own, to equip health workers with knowledge and skill to succeed

Peer learning

Allow your learners to interact and share knowledge with their peers through group chat, communicating anytime, anywhere, at the touch of a button

Train any health worker

Engage any health worker, wherever they are, through multi-lingual instructions and learning content while supporting decisions at the community level through diagnostic trees

Helpdesk support

Enable learner support via our helpdesk system


mLearning has revolutionized the way we reach and engage our community health workers. Our learners are empowered to share ideas, provide each other support, ask questions they may be scared to ask in the classroom, learn in an interactive and engaging way – all in their own time.

Gemma Payne Project Lead - Healthy Heart Africa, Astra Zeneca

We have been able to reach many community health workers in a short span of time, keeping them adequately supported through continued access to training and supervision.

Lynn Sheila Makungu Programme Coordinator - Health and Nutrition, Save the Children

Community members, myself included, used to have a very horrible belief on how to cure injuries. We used different herbs, ashes, chicken waste, toothpaste and oils to treat injuries. As such, wounds and injuries got infected and took long to heal. Little did I know that the things we applied on the wounds were dangerous, until I learnt about Basic Life Saving Skills through mLearning.

Shitemi Community Health Volunteer – Shitochi CU, Kakamega County

Many mothers in my CU used to think that their babies were only meant to receive immunizations until 9 months of age. Through mLearning, I gained knowledge on immunization, its importance, immunisable diseases, immunization schedule and myths. I was surprised to learn that immunization was meant to be administered up to the age of 5! I have advised mothers and now, they have started taking their babies for immunization even after the 9th month!

Judith Nyapara Community Health Volunteer – Lower Karapolo CU, Migori County

Through mLearning, CHWs have learnt about their role in the community and gained basic communication & counselling skills. They can now interact with expectant mothers better, advise them and refer emergencies to Loosuk Health Centre. In April 2016, the number of skilled deliveries rose from 10 to 20! We are now planning to organise a party to appreciate the CHWs in Loosuk!

Mary Letiwa Community Health Extension Worker – Loosuk CU, Samburu County

Key Statistics

]It works and we can prove it!
We’ve seen our communities achieve real transformation and improved health outcomes

Number of SMS’s and IVR’s

Completion rate

Increase in ANC visits

Reduction in attrition

Utilisation of the Ministry of Health Referral Form to Health Facilities

Improvement in quiz score results

Increase in maternal skilled delivery


Leap County Distribution

We have trained over Community Health Workers across Kenya.

Here’s a glimpse of counties we have trained in:

6,390,120 SMS's