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Navigation and settings

How do I login to Moodle?

  • Log in with your regular username and password, you will be allowed to access some areas (like this page) as a Guest.

How do I get around Moodle?

  • Use the Navigation block on the side of your page. From there you can go directly to any part of Moodle you have access to. Once you have enrolled on a course it will be listed under My courses.

How do I edit things?

  • You can only edit things you have permission to edit. A regular user such as a student can only edit their My home page and their profile page. A user with editing rights such as a teacher can use the ‘Turn editing on’ button or the link in the Settings block to edit items. A guest can’t edit anything or participate in activities.

Who can create and edit activities and other things in courses?

  • Only the teacher can edit or add activities.

Learning with Moodle

What is the best way to use Moodle?

  • There is no one best way to use Moodle. Use of Moodle depends a lot on one’s own educational philosophy, the context where Moodle is used and willingness to experiment and create a little (or a lot!). Moodle can be used by a strict controller using trusted material of 30 years or a free-loving e-hippie exploring new ways of teaching and learning alike.

How can I use Moodle to stimulate students think harder and ask good questions?

  • By asking and encouraging good questions students can wrestle with and explore through and with the help of activities, resources in a course. For example, open a forum discussion with a provocative question, start a wiki where groups collaboratively build a solution.

Basic Moodle jargon

What is a Course?

  • A course is the basic learning area on Moodle where a teacher displays materials for their students.
  • Tutors will assigned to their course but learners will need to serach for the course and click enrol me.

What is a Category?

  • A category is a group of things and has several meanings in Moodle. It can be a grouping of courses by a learning area (Photography, Child Care)  It can be a group of questions, or a group of entries in a glossary.

What is an Activity?

  • Usually an activity is something that a student will do that interacts with other students and or the teacher. The activities that we recommend for use are: Assignments, Chat, Database, Feedback, Forum, Glossary, Questionnaire, Quiz, Wiki and Workshop.

What is a Resource?

  • Resources are items that a teacher can use to support learning, such as a file or a link.

What is a Block?

  • Typically, blocks are items which may be added to the left or right in a course’s home page. There are dozens of different blocks that can be added to a course, or pages within a course.

What is a Section?

  • A section is an area within a course’s homepage that hold activities and resources. Standard course section formats are topics, weeks, social and SCORM.

What is a Role?

  • A role in Moodle refers to what a user is allowed (or not) to do on a Moodle site. Typical roles might include those of a student and teacher. A role is a collection of permissions that can be assigned to specific users in specific contexts. For example, when a user is enrolled in a course as a student.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I cant find my course?
All courses are created by the course administrator, you need to make a request to them.

Q: Turn editing on button is missing, how can I update my course?
A: You need to be assigned as a tutor to a course. Please contact your respective course administrators or the systems administrator via [email protected] to make you a tutor

Q: I accidentally clicked on Unenroll me from this course. Can I click on “Enrol me on this course” to enrol myself? 
A: No, enrolling yourself on a course will make you a learner. Please contact your respective course administrators or the systems administrator via [email protected] to make you a tutor

Q: When I drag and drop files into my course, they duplicate. What’s going on here?
A: there are 2 instances of the Drag and Drop block. Turn editing on and delete one of them.

Q: Why when I drag and drop files into my course, they opened up instead of being added to the course?
A: The drag and Drop block is not enabled. Turn editing on and select Drag and Drop from the Add block drop-down menu.

Q: My student can’t reply to forum posts or do the activities?
A:  The student is using a guest access. To participate in activities the students need to enrol on the course.

Q: Why some of my weeks are titled Orphaned activities and I can’t create activities there?
A:  You need to extended the number of weeks/ topics in Settings to match the number of weeks in the course. For example: If the number of weeks/topics in Settings 10  and the actual weeks in the course is 12, then 2 weeks will be considered orphaned weeks.

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