Getting prepared for delivery…

Getting prepared for delivery…

Pregnancy! What joy it brings to many women in African communities! The feeling of carrying a baby in the womb, the baby kicks, the connection with the baby…the experience is just so wonderful, it makes the associated pains fade away. However, in many communities, mothers would rarely prepare for delivery, hence get caught unawares when they are due, consider home deliveries and sadly if complications arise, succumb to maternal deaths. The situation is, however, steadily changing for the better following training of Community Health Workers (CHWs) on Leap, the mHealth platform. Leap is a mobile learning (mLearning) solution for training health care workers wherever they are. Meet Christine Muga, a CHW from Area B Community Unit (CU), Kisumu County, one of the beneficiaries of Leap.



Christine Muga is a Community Health Worker based in Area B community unit, Kisumu County. Having learned about Ante-natal care (ANC) clinic through Leap the mHealth platform, she gained knowledge on importance of ANC and preparation of individual birth plans (IBPs). “With this knowledge, I talk to pregnant mothers on the importance of visiting the ANC clinic so as to be monitored. I also advise them on how to come up with an IBP in preparation for delivery. I advise them to save money for transport and hospital bills as well as to buy clothes, cotton wool and razor blades that would come in handy during delivery. I am glad that one mother who had contracted HIV faithfully attended the ANC clinic, prepared adequately for birth and went for skilled delivery! She gave birth to a healthy baby, who is HIV negative and growing healthier by the day!” says Christine joyfully.


Having seen such wonderful results, Christine continues to educate pregnant mothers on importance of ANC and preparation of IBPs. She also enlightens them on danger signs during pregnancy to reduce miscarriages and maternal deaths in her community.


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